Buffalo Snot

Catches: Coyotes


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A food-based product that took 4 years to complete. This product is something that the coyote will want to grab and pull. It works on the theory that if you throw a dog a bone the dog will pick it and go somewhere else with it. It can be used when dirt holes are impossible or impractical. Flat set this with a lure holder or bone making sure your lure holder is set firm so that the animal works the set, i.e. moves around some and doesn’t escape with the bait. For use on M-44’s and collarums as well. It was tested, side-by-side with gun baits made by very well known lure makers, and in most cases, it outperformed them all! I am proud of this offering.

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1 Gallon, 1/2 Gallon, 16oz


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