About Us

Dear Valued Customer,

        My name is Jack Hill. I am the maker and creator of Lone Wolf Lures. I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Wisconsin Green Bay. Both of these give me a firm foundation to create animal attractions, lures, and baits. When formulating lures, using ingredients such as base materiel, preservatives, essential oils, crystals, tinctures, freeze proofing, and blending agents, chemistry certainly becomes useful. Biology can involve behaviors of the animals we pursue. For example, you absolutely do not want a lure that causes a roll response when trapping canines. 

                In my early years of trapping, I tried many animal lures with many poor results. I learned many didn’t disperse odor very long at all. This is known as being extremely volatile. An example of this is shellfish oil, which is widely known. Put some on a Q-tip, hang it up, and come back in three or four hours. You will find as a I did, that it has very little odor, yet it is widely used. There are better attractants. Russ Carmen once wrote that a lure should last at least three days. Put some lure on a stick, hang it up during trapping season, and smell it. After three days, you should still be able to smell the lure!

                 As I trapped more, I simply found most lures I purchased didn’t pass Russ Carmen’s simple test. Further, some things just plain froze. There is no odor at all when it is frozen. I simply needed to know about lure formulation. Refusals were many. When a coon walks within inches of a set and then you find out the lure you are using is frozen, frustrating is putting it mildly. Canines are the most intelligent of the animals we pursue. Coyotes in particular were even more frustrating. They would often “sniff and go” not working the set.

               Eventually, I was accepted in a lure class where my understanding of lures took a whole new form. I began to dabble and experiment with many results, but most simply went into the garbage.  With each attempt came more understanding.  It took thirty-six tries before I found what attracted weasels effectively.  I called it “Ace in the Hole.”  I find great satisfaction in creating lures that work for me and my customers.

                 Gary Jepson, a mentor and friend writes, “Lure making and development is a very fascinating and scientific endeavor.” The process incorporates both chemistry and biology.  The attracting of animals can result from such responses as food, territorial, mating, curiosity or a combination of these.  One of the biggest and most common mistakes a beginner or experienced trapper can make is not understanding the benefit of a well made lure.  Gary also writes, “As a guide to purchasing good quality products…ask the lure maker to explain it’s usage…and the season and weather… If the lure maker is not interested in explaining, move on to another.”  

                 Another thing I insist upon, is the fact that my lures are not regional.  That is, my lures are tested in various parts of the country.  If they pass that test, then and only then, do I release them for sale.  This makes only good business sense because I want repeat business.  I also want my products to be talked about and used.  I hope that Lone Wolf Lures meets or exceeds your expectations.