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Glanding Out A Skunk

Jack shows us how to gland a skunk. https://youtu.be/nOCW_7WHIas

Stretching A Raccon

Jack shows us how to put a raccoon on wood.

Canine Peanut Butter lasts a long time at the set even after foul weather, rain or snow. I use it by itself and it is just phenomenal. It causes a big digging response in coyote and would not recommend it in a farmer’s newly seeded field! Had no problems with the lure being “burnt out.” It keeps catching even in the same area year after year. When I came back to get a cable stake that was frozen in the ground coyotes had a hole dug out the size of a bushel basket!

Dennis called, and said my Backwaters Lure was no good when he was testing it because it didn’t catch any small beavers it only caught big beavers. “You’re killing me with all the work I have to do.”

I’ve tried just about every weasel lure out there and Ace in the Hole has caught weasels faster than any other lure i’ve tried. My only complaint about Ace in the Hole is that I didn’t order enough of it. I took 50 weasels in only a few weeks and Ace in the Hole was my go to lure. Ace in the Hole will always be in my lure bag when trapping weasels. Just a smear of Ace in the Hole on some fur is all you need to catch weasels. You really do have a good lure on your hands Jack, thanks again. I’ll be in touch before next season.